Daily sketches #6-8: Niemeyer with a touch of red

Here we go, a little catching up with inspiring (and incredibly productive, with over 600 projects) Brazilian modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer. I’ll no doubt sketch more of his work in the future, but for today, just a few of his works that include an element of red–courtesy of a red Copic marker (R27, Cadmium Red).

These sketches were done pretty quickly, and it’s interesting to me how different they felt as I worked on them, and how they turned out. #6 with the museum of contemporary art in Niterói was very much a warm-up sketch, and lacks both accuracy and a clear direction. The perspective is off, some spacial awareness is lost, but it looks alright–not too forced, which is a good thing imo, and the red marker. #7 is a totally different animal. The Ibirapuera auditorium’s relatively simple shape makes for a very “solid” object, that’s pretty easy to put down on paper. The sketch turned out very “architecturally” but I like it. It is only a quick sketch, but it’s got potential. #8 started out as a mess: my initial attempt at more organic lines wasn’t working, and I was quickly losing the shape of the Latin America memorial’s hand. It did prove to be a good foundation to put some heavier, more angular lines on top off, however and the end result is pretty interesting to me. I also experimented with some smudging, which worked out in a pretty interesting way.

Technique-wise, I’ve found that going over the same (straight) line several times with very loose, rapid strokes helps create very natural, strong lines. It works great in combination with my Pentel Tradio sketch pen–my sketch pen of choice. I usually tend to attempt more “careful” lines, so it seems this daily sketch challenge is already helping out! That should be enough motivation to keep me going a while longer 😉


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