I’m Johan Al, an architect from the Netherlands, currently living and working in São Paulo, Brazil.

Basically, I love sketches. I wouldn’t go as far as saying “I have an obsession with sketches” because it’s not quite that bad, but I do enjoy them rather a lot. I’ve had an interest in drawing from an early age, but throughout my years at architecture school I grew a more specific interest for architectural drawings, visualization and representation, and obtained a newfound appreciation for sketches above all. I feel sketches–whether they are an architect’s conceptual sketches, an artist’s studies or an urban sketcher’s drawings on location–have a certain life to them. Personality. Sometimes a few strokes are enough for a truly good sketch, which to me is fascinating.

I also personally enjoy the act of sketching, as a bit of a hobby.  Unfortunately, sketching is also something I don’t do enough–especially for something I enjoy as much as I do.

And that’s where this blog comes in: the coming year (2014, for those reading this some time into the future) I plan to sketch on a far more regular basis than before, and  I plan to post my work here on a fairly regular basis. From urban sketches in São Paulo and/or the rest of Brazil, to architectural sketches to other projects, this blog should just might be the catalyst I need to truly get back into the sketching groove… and maybe get some nice sketches out in the process.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!